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Competition information

37th International Triathlon / Ostbelgien Charity Triathlon


Wesertalsperre Eupen, Langesthal 164 - B-4700 Eupen

The collection of race numbers and the race office is located in the finish area.

Opening hours:
11.09.2021 from 11:00 am

Start & finish

Eupen Wesertalsperre - right on the dam wall

Conditions for participation

To be in good health condition, as well as having a valid license or start passport of one of the ITU affiliated federations. The license must be presented at the race office, while picking up the start numbers. All non-lincensed participants must acquire a daily license. For this the LF3 recommends to deposit a medical certificate about fitness at the race office.


The organizer provides a time chip for free. This chip has to be delivered to the organizer after the competition at the bike exit. Without a chip it's not possible to leave the bike park. The chip can't be used for other races and is therefore worthless. For the relay competitions a time chip is provided in exchange of a 25€ deposit.

 Mixed Team RelayShortdistance
(Individual & Relay)
(Individual & Relay)
(Individual & Relay)
Distance4 x ( 0,2km - 5km - 1km )1,5km - 40km - 10km

1,9km - 90km - 21 km

0,5km - 24,5km - 5km

Minimum age

-Individual: 18 years
Relay: 14 years

Individual: 16 years
Relay: 13 years

Competition series


Supercoupe (LF3)-

Challenge SyméTri

Collection of race numbers-11:00 am-11:30 am
Check in bikepark


12:00 pm-12:30 pm
Start-01:00 pm-01:15 pm
Award ceremony-04:00 pm-

03:30 pm

Closing time-05:00 pm-

04:30 pm

Cut Off


50min swim
2h30min swim + bike
-30min swim
1h30 swim + bike
Prize money

Overall indivudual



Women / Men

  1. 250 €
  2. 150 €
  3. 100 €
  4. 50 €
  5. 50 €



    Women / Men
    Age Graded !

    1. 50 €
    2. 40 €
    3. 30 €

    Prize money
    Overall Relay


    Women / Men / Mix

    1. 45€
    2. 30 €
    3. 30 €

      only individual diciplines short and half distance




      Only individual diciplines short and half distance




      18 - 19 years


      20 - 23 years


      24 - 39 years


      40 - 49 years


      50 - 59 years

      60 - 69 yearsM60F60 
      70+ yearsM70F70 

      Age graded ranking

      only sprint distance

      Explanation can be found under "Age Graded Classification"


      See the disclaimer

      WithdrawalUpon presentation of a medical certificate, a withdrawal is possible until the day of the event. 50% of the participation fee will be refunded.

      The BTDF/L3Frules are applicable.

      Special notes - Swim:
      Wearing a swimming cap is required. There are no swimming caps distributed by the organizer.
      Wearing a wetsuit for the middle distance is mandatory during the swim. For the other distances the rules of the BTDF/L3F will be applied.

      Special notes - Bike:
      Drafting is prohibited ! During cycling waering a helmet is mandatory.

      Special notes - Mixed Team Relay:
      Drafting is prohibited !
      Rounded-up teams are not taken out of the race so that all teams can finish their competition.

      Violation of the rules will result in time penalties. Time penalties have to be served out in a penalty box otherwise the athlete will be disqualified ! Compliance with the competition rules is controlled by referees of the Belgian Triathlon Federation. The organizer is NOT responsible for these controls and sanctions.

      Award ceremony

      The award ceremony is part of the competition, anyone who does not take part in the award ceremony forfeits his claim to the prize! The award ceremonies are based on the created result lists. Each participant is responsible for correct timing. Defective or unassignable chips are not included in the result lists!
      For this year's charity triathlon we would like to point out that prize money can be donated for the flood victims. Prize money not received will automatically be converted into a donation.


      Due to our Corona measures, the Pasta Party 2021 has to be cancelled.